Valuable Security Tips on Baxi Box Operation And Business

Baxi Box is a unique and smart digital payment device. It equally deserves some smart ways of handling it in order to fully enjoy its benefits. in this article , we would consider some security tips to safeguard your device from intrusion and theft.


  1. Every device has its own unique configuration with the owner’s details. To carry out any transaction  or monitor activities on the device, you need to log in to your back-end with your unique login details.  After your device activation, make sure you change your login details by resetting your password and username .Do this exercise continuously , at lest once in a month.
  2. Avoid disclosure  of your login details to anyone, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your device portal.
  3. Apply serious caution when you operate your device in public places like hotels, bars etc where CCTV camera is in use. You might be giving away your login details cheaply if you are close to the camera.
  4. Give your device to trusted persons only. Keep very watchful eye on your device when you charge it in public places.
  5. Keep the device away from infants and children to avoid foreseeable damage.
  6. Keep your device updated with the latest IOS software  and services upgrade as soon as you are prompted  by the device. This usually requires strong network. You can run Wi-Fi or Hotpot if the network signal in your area is not strong enough.


  1. Avoid business operation in blind spots known for security risks; to ensure the safety  of your life and the device.
  2. Do not walk alone or with few people in the night especially around interchanges known for criminal attacks or in dark areas. If situations like extended  night rain or traffic jam keeps you till late, sleep over at a safe place, maybe with a friend or family member. If you can afford lodging in a guest house or an hotel, please do.
  3. If you operate your business in a public place like a bar or an hotel or a market, always locate yourself where there is an escape route in case of emergency.
  4. If you are located in an open area, try to be under sun shade like under  a tree or an umbrella , so as to prevent the device from excessive sunlight or moisture. During rains, endeavor to keep the device indoors throughout the duration of the rain
  5. Avoid doing the business in areas known for persistent insurgencies.


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