FAQ On Baxi Box

Baxi Box business is an emerging digital payment solution in Nigeria. As many people are embracing the model, many questions usually arise on the procurement, use, maintenance, and monetization of the device. This article assumes no previous knowledge on the device and attempts to make everything clear to existing and prospective Baxi box agents.


Please find below some of the frequently asked questions and good answers to them:

Question 1 – What is Baxi Box?

Baxi box is an android, multi-services digital payment device. It is a one-stop shop for payment of many services.

The services include Airtime recharge, Mobile data, and Pay-TV subscription, Bills payment, Money transfer, Cash withdrawal, Gaming, Third party insurance, Educational services and so on.

Question 2 – How Long after registration and payment can I receive my device?

After registration and payment, some administrative exercises like agent data creation, location and guarantor verification, device back-end configuration and activation. This usually takes about 4-5 days.


Question 3 – Is there any special registration required for services on Baxi box?

Yes. But not all. Some products/services require special registration to sell them in compliance with the service provider’s business ethics and requirement. Examples are BET9JA, Ibadan Electricity, and Bulk SMS.

Question 4 – Do I need to Buy Data To Run The Device?


The box is automatically equipped with internet data for your convenience so that you can run the device 24 hours without bothering about how to get data. However, N200 maintenance fee is deducted weekly from agents’ wallet to offset the internet network charges. But, in some cases when the network is very weak in your area, you may connect your device to a wifi or hotspot to have a faster connection. 

Question 5 – What is a wallet?

A wallet is an electronic purse which indicates your hard limit, your soft limit, network balance, commission, and unused balance, and so on. It shows various account status and limits of all transactions on the fly.


Question 6 – How are commissions paid on the device?

Commissions are paid instantly on every transaction. They are credited directly and recorded on the commission section of the device wallet.


Question 7 – How do I check my wallet balance from the device?

Log in with your username and password, then click the human (or user) icon by the top right side to display wallet balance


Question 8 – How do I monitor sales on the device when I’m not around the device?

The transactions and balances can be monitored remotely, anywhere with an internet enabled device (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop) by log in to  baxi.capricondigi.com/app or with your username and password.


Question 9 – What do I do if my device hangs or is not responding?

Restart (or reboot) the device. If the problem persists, contact our customer care or bring the device to our office for immediate fixing


Question 10 – What do I do if the device does not print transaction receipt after a successful transaction?

Ensure that the paper roll is well inserted and is tight. Then click Reprint option. Reprint option can be found under your account setup.


Question 11 – What if my device does not power on?

There is a good probability that the battery has been drained. Just plug the device to electricity to charge it.  If the problem persists, contact our customer care.


Question 12 – What if my device powers off while doing a transaction?

Charge the device, restart it and log in. Then click “Print last Transaction’

However, it is worth to warn here not co completely drain your battery power to 0% as it damages the battery. Always optimize charging and battery power between 80% and 40%. Alway


Question 13: How much commision can I earn on each training?

You will be given a manual after your training. Kindly open to the last chapter to see how much commision you’ll earn.


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