Baxi Box Business As An Empowerment Model

At a  time of  increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria, coupled with the biting economic crisis on existing businesses, baxi box has emerged as a multi-solution tonic to the national economic challenges. It is, indeed, a smart business of the moment. for Nigerians

Baxi box is a smart, portable, digital payment device set to reduce the financial stress, risk and time spent on cash transactions on many services which includes bank transaction,  airtime recharge, payment for  bills and utilities, and so on. It equally generates income for the owner in form of commission on every transaction carried out on all services available on the box. Above all these, it greatly contributes to  the drive by Nigeria to become a cashless society.

Empowerment Schemes

In order to reduce the growing unemployment rate generated by increasing number of school graduates competing for few available jobs, various government agencies, political associations, non-governmental associations, religion groups, and concerned individuals have been providing aids towards empowering the youth with low-start-up capital businesses  in order not  to remain idle for a long time.

Some notable successful schemes include providing machines and tools for businesses like tailoring and fashion design, catering services, commercial motor bikes transportation, foodstuff vending, barbing,  hair-dressing saloon, and so on.

To some extent these efforts have great impact in employment reduction.

What Makes Baxi Box A Unique Empowerment Model?

Many of the aforementioned empowerment schemes do not cut across educational status, physical fitness, sex  societal norm and age. But Baxi Box solves this problem from a dramatic, unique  and practical angle . Apart from decency,  digital-compliance status and proud business ownership conferred on the beneficiary, baxi box business can be done by everyone in respective of education level, age, sex, fitness status, societal norm, religion,and so on. The physically-challenged can easily do the business even from the comfort of his home!  One does not need to own  a shop to do the business. The portable nature of the device makes it movable from location to location. The business can target event centers, schools with good population, parties and social functions, markets, and open places with high human traffic. Besides, the owner can acquire more devices, employ and train more hands to manage the business. And the beauty of it all is that he can monitor sales and transactions on the fly remotely from anywhere.

Baxi box does not only solve  the individual problem of joblessness, but the national problem of high unemployment rate and high dependency ratio. At the international scene, Nigeria will eventually become a digital-compliant nation joining  the world  in the maintenance of a cashless society.


Based on the foregoing analysis of baxi box business, we strongly recommend the business for good consideration as a powerful model fro viable empowerment project by government, politicians, religion organizations, associations and clubs, and individuals who desire to see Nigeria in the next level through their empowerment programmes


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